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Welcome to our New Home!

Yes, we finally got most of everything moved over to our new home.  So now with our new name, simwestDESIGN (better known as just simwest), and our new digs we hope to have some new addons for Prepar3D and FSX starting in 2013.  Should be a good year!

Moving to Our New Home in 2012!

We will be moving to our new homebase hopefully in the next several weeks as we make changes moving from MileHigh Productions to SimWest Design.  Still have lot's of "cleaning up" to do with this site to make it user friendly with MS Explorer, Chrome, etc..  We hope to become more active with flightsim addons too as the year progresses so stay tuned...

July 2011

We've Changed Our Name

As of July 1, 2011 we are happy to announce that MileHigh Productions is changing its name to SimWest Design.

November 2010

World's Most Extreme Airports

Based on a TV Show created for the History Channel, a simmer by the name of 'FSX404' created some incredible detailed videos based on the program. Number six on the list was Kai Tak and he created two videos on the subject.

The first video introduces you to the airport and reviews the landing via a complete pilot's approach briefing. The second video now takes you through the actual approach and landing from what you have just learned.

A very informative couple of videos that I highly recommend if you want to brush up on your checkerboard approach skills. Good luck!

Video Part 1 link: CLICK HERE

August 2010

I am happy to announce the editors of 'FS Magazin', a high-end flight simming print magazine from Germany awarded on August 5th 9Dragons as an "AfterAward" for freeware scenery. 

They reviewed all there past issues from the very first issue in 2006 through today to select the winners.  So I must admit being a two-year old add-on for FS2004 that was quite a feather in our cap.  We thank the editors and FS Magazine for this unexpected "laurel" of appreciation.br />
We just hope this may have new simmers (and old alike) take a spin with our scenery.  Maybe it's time to think about an update?

Click on Publicity Page (right), to read more and to check out more information on FS Magazine go to:



And may 2010 be a good year to you and yours and for your flight simulation.

February 2009

Out with the old - in with the new?

Seems like an appropriate saying considering we are now beginning the new year (and who doesn't want to get rid of 2008?). But that doesn't seem to be the case when you consider FS2004. Now into its sixth year (having been released in 2003), it appears it has no plans of fading away anytime soon. This is especially true now that Microsoft has suspended development of the Flight Simulator series because of the bad economy. So what does that mean for 9Dragons?

Since 9Dragons was created on FS9, now a matured and proven platform, and the mass exodus to FSX never occurred, and the likelihood of a FS11 now years away before release (if at all), it means 9D now has legs to grow and even possibly expand. We won't be fading away anytime soon.

Celebrating its 1st Anniversary of release with over 100,000 downloads world-wide, 9Dragons is still being discovered and enjoyed by simmers both near and far. I've seen newly created 9D videos on YouTube as recent as just a few days ago as I wrote this. That was one of our goals when we created 9D... a scenery package one could enjoy for months and months without getting bored and return to it from time to time.

Lot's of ideas are being tested for FS9, so it should be an exciting year here at MileHigh Productions. But for now, if you haven't done so in awhile take 9D out for a spin. Try a new aircraft or a new approach on landing (There is an opposite end to RWY13, ya know!). Let us know how you did. Did you hit centerline with real-world weather? We always like new screenshots and stories that we can post in the gallery so send 'em along.

October 2008

9Dragons Hits the Big Time!

I have always been a little bit envious of simmers who build those beautiful full scale cockpits.  I always wondered what it would be like to fly 9Dragons inside one of those.   I can only imagine the feeling of speed and exhilaration you get with Kowloon passing by you from all sides.  Well at least now we got the next best thing..

9Dragons is being used in real-world flight simulators. Flight Experience, is a company who provides Boeing 737-800NG simulator flights for the public. Started in New Zealand, it has grown to locations in Australia and Singapore. Apparently real world airlines have contacted FE for use plus I understand real world pilots come in for extra training and can get instrument accreditation for this.

Guess what the most requested airport to fly into is... you guessed it, good ol' Kai Tak. And they are using 9D as their scenery of choice! That's a great 'pat on the back' so I'll be sure to let the other team members know the scenery is even utilized in real world aviation training.

Check out this months 'Video Spotlight' to learn more about Flight Experience. Also here are a few more links to see more flight simulator action using 9Dragons. Man, that must be quite a rush!

(Be sure to watch them in high quality when available).

1. - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3Z-21uBuWg

2. - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3Z-21uBuWg

3. - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0y5PiEOAl4&feature=related

(And for some night time action check out these:)

4. - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAaXqBiOfFU

5. - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycPHQXn8Pws&feature=user

September 2008

I had no idea so many people were checking out the website.  I really have done no advertising about the update.  It's nice to know that some 25-30 people a day are checking things out.  Guess 9Dragons has sprouted "some legs" (a movie production term).  So thanks for checking in.  />
Speaking of checking in... now that you are here why not sign our 'Pilot's Log' so others and myself can read a little about you?  Nothing fancy but maybe where you are from, how you got into flight simulation, where you like to fly...  ya know things like that.  Just click on 'Sign Our Pilot's Log' and it will take you right there.

One of my favorite past times when it comes to flight simulation is to watch FS videos either on YouTube or by downloading them.  A good vid takes LOTS of work. 

If you enjoy them too may I suggest gong to YouTube and enter a search '9Dragons Kai Tak'.  Here you will find dozens of clever little vids on the airport and the surrounding area,  Many different themes and techniques.  This is especially useful if you like creating vids as you can see what you like and don't like, what works and what doesn't and perhaps more important why it does or does not.  Don't re-invent the wheel, learn by watching others.  And if one catches your fancy be sure to let them know.   A nice pat on the back can go a long way for a FS vid maker.

July 2008 - Welcome to my new website!  

For those of you who followed along the development of 9Dragons you had to suffer through my dreaded website.  So after 9D I promised myself I would learn more about web design and try to put something a little nicer than "only a mother could love", ha!  I sure it could be improved even more but I'd rather put the time in on modeling.  So hopefully this will do for now.

Don't expect much. I'm not what you would call a 'blogger'.  Not sure how often I will update this but hopefully once every month or two so you'll keep poppin' back in and see what I am tinkering on such as:

>   New scenery projects or other type add-ons
>   9Dragons improvements
>   Screenshot or video updates
>   or just general flightsim ranting!

10th Anniversary of Kai Tak Closure!

This month marks 10 years since the closure of Hong Kong International Airport - Kai Tak.  It's last full day of operations was on July 5th 1998 with it's last arrival and departure on July 6th around 1:30AM.

It was then the mad dash to move everything (and I mean everything that wasn't tied down), over to the new airport before the next scheduled arrival by Cathay Pacific if my memory serves me well.

There was an excellent television program about this 'big move'.  I saw it here in the US either on the History Channel or perhaps it was the Discovery Channel.  If anyone out there knows the show I am talking about and where I can get a copy, please let me know.  It was extremely interesting and I highly suggest to add it to your library.

So to celebrate this occassion in style, I suggest firing up one of the old 'heavies' in your hangar. Something that might have been seen around Kai Tak in the 70's or 80's. A good MD-11, 747-200, or a DC-10-30 would work nicely. And give the'ol gal a try try on that checkerboard if you haven't lately. You'll have an evening of fun.

Even if you don't fly the big birds you can always to a little sightseeing with your favorite GA aircraft. We tried to give you guys something scenic by flying around the islands or perhaps a little 'cruising' at dusk.

Then again, you could always do what was one of the favorite pastimes there... plane spotting. Grab a lunch bag, your virtual camera and head out towards Checkerboard Hill or one of the other many spotting sites available. We describe them in detail in the 9Dragons Pilot's Guide so take that with you too!
   Video Spotlight -
           - a video by beccy1010


Mel Wilson screenshot - England

   Screenshots added to our 'Plane Spotter's' Scrapbook and Flightsimmer's Gallery.

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